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Tree, hedge and plant cuttings are bulky and voluminous. A shredder is used to shred branches and similar cuttings quickly and easily to create more space. Shredding reduces the volume of your cuttings by up to 75%, making disposal or further processing easy. With an HZC Power shredder you can shred hard and soft clippings from trees, shrubs and other plants into valuable mulch material in no time at all. The composted shredded material often contains valuable nutrients and thus saves costs for additional fertiliser.

Our petrol shredders all have great performance because they are equipped with a reliable Briggs & Stratton petrol engine. Our models have either a 6.5hp or 13.5hp engine. Another advantage of the petrol shredders is that there is no need to connect a power cable. This allows the shredder to be used in any location.

With our shredder you can shred almost any cut material. A distinction is made between hard and soft material. Branches, twigs and shrubs are harder material to cut. Leaves, flowers and lawn cuttings tend to be softer cuttings. If you have more of both types, we recommend our HZC Power Multi shredders with two feed hoppers. The large upper hopper for softer clippings and the side hopper for harder clippings.

The HZC Power shredders have a classic cutting system with knives. The shredding material is shredded by several knives. Damaged knives can be easily replaced or dull knives can be sharpened with this version. When choosing a shredder, you should pay attention to the maximum cutting thickness so that you can shred the desired shredded material safely and easily.

More information can be found in the respective product description. If you have any further questions about the individual models, please contact our customer service. They will be happy to advise you further. See for yourself what we have to offer and get your best quality shredder at the best price from HZC Power.