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Log Splitter

With our HZC Power log splitters you can cut wood without much effort and time. You can choose between different splitting material diameters, splitting pressure, splitting force and splitting length. You will find a wide range of products in our assortment, from hydraulic machines to smaller versions for private use.

Standing or lying wood splitter?

With a horizontal log splitter, the splitting material is placed on a horizontal splitting table. The splitting material is pressed horizontally by the pressure plate into the sharp splitting wedge and thus split. The length of the splitting material is usually very suitable for the chimney or a fireplace.

A standing log splitter splits a standing log vertically. The log is placed upright and a splitting wedge splits the wedge from top to bottom. The standing log splitters generally have a higher splitting force and are more suitable for a larger quantity of wood and are mainly used in professional operations.

You will find more information in the respective product description. If you have further questions about the individual models, please contact our customer service. They will be happy to advise you further. Convince yourself of our offer and get your best quality wood splitter at the best price at HZC Power.

Log Splitter