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Garden Machinery

HZC Power products in the Yard & Garden segment are of very good quality and are suitable for both professional and private use.


Regular milling or hoeing is essential for optimum care of the soil. For this purpose, our range includes tillers with a strong and reliable Briggs & Stratton petrol engine. With the HZC Power auger you can effortlessly dig holes in the ground and transport the earth away directly with our motorized wheelbarrow quickly and easily. We also carry powerful lawnmowers with which almost every lawn can be mowed. Furthermore you will find in the category Yard & Garden our standing and lying wood splitters. With the multitude of different models, there is exactly the right one for everyone. Our HZC Power shredders and chippers produce space-saving mulch from soft and hard wood. Our sweepers help you clean sidewalks, streets, production halls, industrial halls and other areas. Furthermore, you will also find rocker saws and ditching machines.


In addition to the sale of machines for the yard & garden area such as motor wheelbarrows, shredders and lawnmowers we also offer repair and service work. Thanks to our own workshop and our large spare parts store, we can always be of assistance to you.

Garden Machinery