Keywords like "search engine marketing", "marketplace management", "customer-realationship management" or "social media marketing" make your heart beat faster?
To increase the visibility of Hzc Power we list the products in Google search, in well-known price search engines, in social media, also on Amazon and eBay. If you are always one step ahead of online trends and you do not find working with large amounts of data a deterrent but a challenge - then you are the ideal addition to our team! "


In the sales team we ensure the Hzc Power core business as online dealer and plan, control and handle from the customer inquiry to the delivery to the end customer. You are the first contact person of the customer and support him until receipt of order. Sales are your focus and you are looking forward to every payment jump.

Customer service

We in Customer Care take care of the questions, wishes and suggestions of our customers. We are the interface between the end user and all other departments of Hzc Power. Organizational talents and communication skills are just right for us. "

Warehouse Staff