Why buy a log splitter?

Why buy a log splitter?

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Firewood for the winter - everyone with a fireplace, stove heating or fireplace knows the problem: finished firewood is expensive and working with axe, hammer and splitting wedge is incredibly strenuous and sweaty. I can say from my own experience that I don't want to do without my wood splitter anymore. Therefore I would like to give you a short overview of how a log splitter works and then explain why I chose to use a log splitter.

The function of the log splitter

Wood splitters are hydraulic machines that split wood without much time and effort. Large and bulky pieces of wood are turned into handy logs, e.g. for the fireplace. The splitting material - usually logs - is placed on the splitting table. This can be done by a log lifter for horizontal models or generally by hand. Depending on the model, the splitting process is then started. All HZC Power log splitters, for example, have two operating levers that initiate the start of the splitting process, thus ensuring safety. The log is pressed slowly against a sharp splitting wedge and is thus split. A splitting wedge splits the log into two parts, a splitting wedge splits the log into four parts.

From what quantity of wood per year is it worthwhile to split wood?

This question is often asked and can only be answered very individually. As already mentioned in the introduction, the work of splitting wood is a really sweaty and time-consuming job. Firewood dealers who split masses of firewood all year round naturally use a log splitter and not an axe. But even with smaller quantities a log splitter can be worthwhile, because the working time is reduced tremendously by a log splitter. With an axe you need about 4-5 working days for 10 solid cubic metres of firewood. With a log splitter, on the other hand, the same amount can be done in one day.

Apart from this time saving, the splitting process with a wood splitter is also considerably less strenuous and usually healthier. On the one hand, this is due to the fact that the body is not subjected to unbelievably heavy strain in just a few days, and on the other hand, working with a wood splitter is in principle more back-friendly. It has also been proven that the risk of injury when working with a wood splitter is lower than when working with an axe.

You can buy logs ready for use at a dealer or in a DIY store. However, the price of this wood is considerably more expensive than if you produce it yourself from logs. For years, the prices of firewood have been rising, making it clear that a log splitter pays for itself quickly. This means that in the medium to long term a lot of money can be saved by purchasing a log splitter.

That's why we - the team at HZC Power - can usually advise not only professional forestry and agricultural businesses to buy a log splitter, but also owners of a fireplace or stove heating system, for example - and we'd be happy to do this before back problems occur.

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