Splitting wedges for log splitters

Splitting wedges for log splitters

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You already own a log splitter and want to equip it further? Or perhaps you are not satisfied with its current use because it is progressing too slowly for you? Are you thinking about a new log splitter and want to get started straight away? Then a splitting wedge is exactly what you need:

With a splitting wedge, the wood is not only halved, but directly quartered. In this way, you can more quickly achieve the necessary size of the cut pieces of wood for one or the other fireplace. After you have quartered the wood, you are spared the need to split it again and you can produce more wood in the same amount of time. This means that you can work much more effectively and quickly.

The assembly is also so easy that anyone can use a splitting wedge. It is simply placed on the splitting wedge of the log splitter and fixed in place. This means that it is no longer just a wedge as an attachment, but two wedges that cross at a 90 degree angle. You can then start directly with quartering the log.

What you should bear in mind

When quartering, the wood can chip off in different directions - including your direction. Therefore, caution is advised and you should equip yourself with suitable work clothing and equipment, just as you do when using log splitters in general. When buying a splitting wedge, you should also note that they are not compatible with all models and the splitting wedge should therefore match your log splitter.

Do you own one of our HZC Power log splitters? In our shop you will find the appropriate splitting wedges for all log splitters, whereby these are compatible with several models from our range.

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