Quick-change system on HZC Power mini excavators

Quick-change system on HZC Power mini excavators

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On small and large construction sites, many different devices and machines are needed for a wide variety of tasks, and this usually within a very tight time frame. Mini excavators have become real all-rounders, especially when it comes to quickly changing between different attachments. A quick change between accessories therefore increases flexibility enormously and makes for significantly more economic working.  

Our quick-change system is installed as standard on many of our mini excavators. We offer models with both gasoline and diesel engines as well as the classic tracked excavator or walking excavator and four-wheel excavator with this system. A change between the 375 mm standard bucket, the 200 mm wide bucket, the 610 mm wide ditch bucket and our ripper tooth is thus completed within a minute.

  1. Unlock quick coupler
  2. User Put down attachment
  3. Pick up additional attachment
  4. Locking the quick coupler

In our video you can see an example of the change from the standard excavator bucket to the 200 mm excavator bucket.

For more information about our different mini excavators, please visit our product category excavators or contact our customer service and let us advise you.

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