Minidumper with chain drive up to 300 kg payload

Minidumper with chain drive up to 300 kg payload

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Transport large quantities of material without physical effort? This problem occurs in the domestic garden as well as in the field of professional gardening and landscaping, forestry operations and building contractors. The convenient solution to this problem is a minidumper. A minidumper is basically a small dump truck and therefore a great helper in the field of transport on construction sites.

Working with non-motorised wheelbarrows causes heavy physical work and can therefore take a long time and be very strenuous. Slopes, stones, roots, mud and other obstacles make the work tiring. In addition, especially in difficult terrain, a conventional wheelbarrow does not always have a secure footing. A motorised mini dumper with chain drive provides driving stability and flexibility.

Due to the rigid guide handles on wheelbarrows, they may be difficult to steer. For this reason, our Minidumper KT180 was designed to be sufficiently manoeuvrable. Due to the two forward gears and the reverse gear the minidumper is very flexible. Furthermore, the dumper has a transport trough with a capacity of 300 kg of material so that earth, wood, stones, gravel and other building materials can be transported in large quantities. The transport genius is powered by a powerful Briggs&Stratton petrol engine.

In our product video you can see our mini dumpers KT180 in action. We hope you enjoy watching it!

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