Manual and operating instructions - Are you already reading or still trying?

Manual and operating instructions - Are you already reading or still trying?

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Who has bought a new product and completely forgotten to read the manual out of sheer excitement and enthusiasm? Sometimes me. But I think I'm not alone in that! Unfortunately, many mistakes are often made when using the equipment and machines and, in the worst case, they break. Or in the worst case, an accident occurs if the instructions are not followed correctly. For this reason, it is very important to read the manual or the operating instructions. Experience such as "I've had a similar product before and know it well" or the expert knowledge of the person in question: "It can't be that complicated" sometimes only help to a limited extent. Therefore, it is always worth taking at least a brief look at the relevant documentation.

By following the instructions in the manual, the risk of a malfunction is reduced, which often saves money. And if the manufacturer's guidelines are not followed, the safety of the operator himself is at risk and he may be affected by injuries of varying degrees, depending on the type of machine. Therefore, always pay attention to whether the machine is running smoothly and stop the work if you notice anything wrong.

If in doubt, always contact the dealer from whom the machine was purchased. They are used to working with them and know their features and possible problems best. Most of the time, photos or short videos also help to explain the problem so that the technicians can give a competent opinion directly.

You can see that it is worth investing some extra time. To learn how the device works so that it can be used properly. Getting it to work quickly is one thing - but using it in a way that makes it last longer and be profitable in the long run is quite another. To make it easier for you to work with our equipment, we have already made short instruction videos for many products as well as detailed PDF instructions.

You can access our video instructions here:

Start-up instructions petrol excavator:

Assembly instructions for grapple:

Assembly instructions for a caulking hammer:

Assembly instructions for earth auger:

Quick coupler on mini excavator:

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